A good massage is all about relaxation – and a good massage therapist will help you do exactly that.Whether it is your first or thousandth massage – enjoy this information to maximize the benefits of your massage and expand your appreciation of this ancient, varied and sublime art.

Making the Most of Your Massage

Like much in life, you get out what you put in, and the same can be said of receiving a massage. We must channel the same love that we have for one another into the love we have for ourselves. And if you are in the proper mental space ahead of your massage, the benefits are guaranteed to be greater. So, how do we best-prepare for our massage?

Communication is King

Every massage is different, and so is the therapist who delivers it. In achieving the state of muscular and mental relaxation a massage delivers, the pathway can vary greatly. Play an active role in achieving your betterment through massage and make the experience your own. Do this by sharing your thoughts and requirements with your masseuse. Let your masseuse know what works and what does not work. Share your previous massage experiences and express what massage therapy has taught you about your body. Create a connection with your masseuse so they can strip away as much of your aches and pains as possible. If you do not discover a connection with your masseuse, this result is more difficult to attain.

Naked or Not?

Some prefer to remain partially clothed during a massage. However, we recommend you embrace and overcome this feeling to maximize the impact of your massage experience. A masseuse works with your body just as an artist works with a canvas. Imagine your clothes as existing lines laid upon a blank canvas. The masseuse must work around them rather than having absolute freedom. Remember, a professional massage therapist will never ask you to fully expose your sensitive areas. A naked massage enables the masseuse to attend more accurately to your body. And a towel will be provided to ensure you remain comfortable at all times. A clothed massage is certainly beneficial, yet removing all clothes will result in a more complete attention to the physical element of the massage. Bra straps and underwear can complicate the motions delivered by professional massage therapists. Embrace what may at first feel unnatural or unsafe. Find relaxation in the professionalism of your masseuse. Embrace the uncertain and discover new heights of massage benefit.

My First Massage: What to Expect?

A first massage is a significant and potentially pivotal life experience. Some take to it more naturally than others. Bear in mind the following steps to gain the most from your first massage.


An introduction and chat should feature before a massage. This is the time to meet and develop a connection with your therapist, as well as tell them about any health issues, allergies, and other factors that may affect your massage experience. Arrive for your massage in a relaxed state of mind. Ensure you are well-rested and that you are calm. Do not eat too much immediately before your massage, though do drink lots of water in the days leading up to your massage. If you arrive stressed or needed to rush to make the appointment, your masseuse may suggest you take some time to relax. Take as long as you need, as relaxation is vital for a massage to succeed.


Each massage therapist will use their own independent style. They may incorporate types of oil, music and other enhancements into their massage style. Remember, you are in total control of your massage experience. Believe in yourself and be confident: let your masseuse know if any massage element is not to your total liking. Your therapist will adapt their approach to meet your body’s unique requirements.


Once your massage is complete, you will be free to talk with your massage therapist. It is very valuable to chat with your masseuse and develop your understanding of how your body heals best.

How Long Will My Massage Last?

A massage usually will last at least one hour, though you will have the opportunity to request extra-long sessions and other specifics. You are the leader of your massage experience and it is up to you to define the pathway of your massage. It is important to check whether your massage therapist will include discussions before and after the massage within the hour slot, or whether these are included atop an hour of massage time. Usually, an hour session may include 15 minutes of discussion and 45 minutes of massage. They may account for time spent changing, chatting and redressing. Ensure that you ask if unsure so that you are on the same wavelength as your massage therapist.

Are Insurance-Provided or Discount Massages Good?

Massage therapy is often provided as part of a health insurance claim. However, insurance companies will usually pay only a very small amount toward massage therapy. Tips are rare in a medical setting, with low pay and hard work combining for a less-than-optimal result. For that reason, you are very likely to be required to pay for a quality massage. You can expect to pay $60-100 per hour for a quality massage from a licensed massage therapist. If you enjoy the massage and are considering incorporating it into a fruitful long-term plan, you may also wish to provide a gratuity or tip. The same applies when considering discount massages provided by voucher sites such as Groupon. While a great introduction to massage, these coupon-based experiences may leave a lot to be desired. The coupon site will usually collect 40-60% of the sale price of your discount massage, which means your massage therapist is working a significantly lower pay than usual. You may wish to compensate for this discrepancy with a gratuity or tip.

Should I Tip My Massage Therapist?

While it is not mandatory, a tip is a common gesture throughout the world of massage. A typical gratuity is $10-40 per hour of massage. It represents your appreciation of the betterment provided to your body, and acknowledges the skill of the therapist who has delivered this betterment. Remember, most therapists are subcontractors who earn only when working. Another valuable gesture is to share news of a massage’s quality with friends and family. In such a competitive environment, massage therapists appreciate every opportunity for their work to stand out. If you provide referrals, your therapist may provide additional benefits. It is all part of developing a powerful connection with your massage provider.

Franchise Massage Stores & Subscriptions: The Pros & Cons

Massage franchises and subscription massage services are relative newcomers to the world of massage. Each has pros and cons to consider before you spend your money. Massage franchises open you up to a range of locations where you can enjoy your massage – this feature may be great for those who travel a lot. However, franchise stores can be more concerned with quantity than quality. Do not be enticed by the low cost of a massage alone. Consider details like cost per minute and other variables, which may sweeten or sour the deal. Subscription massage services rarely benefit the buyer, while securing a steady income for the seller whether or not they provide a quality service. Canceling a subscription massage membership can also prove difficult, and may involve termination fees of which you were unaware. Most of the providers you find here at Asian Massage Stores offer a loyalty discount to repeat visitors. This usually features a discount or free massage once you have visited enough times. And unlike subscription massage services offered, you will not be required to pay if you do not choose to use their services.

Active Participation

You are in control when it comes to your massage and maximizing its benefits. Provide feedback to your massage therapist to gain the most enjoyment and therapeutic value from your experience. Point out any areas that were of particular importance. Cover both positive and negative aspects. Tell them whether you’d like additional attention for a certain area, or would like an area to be avoided. Feedback can occur while the massage is taking place, as well as after. Let the therapist know if the pressure they are applying is sufficient or excessive during any movement. As well as sharing your thoughts, answer any questions the massage therapist may ask. The more information they receive, the more accurately they can tailor the massage to your unique needs.

Finding a Massage

Reviews are a great place to start when looking for a great therapist. It is also important to know what it is you are looking for so that you can search by type of massage. Most providers specialize in a few different modes of massage. Use Asian Massage Stores to discover the best provider for you. Search by type of massage, price and other variables.